vendredi 7 mars 2014

Test your chess - a few puzzles (2)

You have tested your tactical abilities in the previous post.
Good news ! There are more puzzles !

Let's see if you can solve these few problems, taken from Chess Trainer.

Puzzle 1:
try to checkmate in only 2 moves...

Puzzle 2:

Puzzle  3:

Puzzle  4:

Puzzle  5:

Puzzle 6:



 Puzzle 1:

Puzzle 2:

 Puzzle 3:

Puzzle 4:

Puzzle 5:

 Puzzle 6:

So, how many solutions did you find ?
Coming next:3 posts about basic opening principles (Space, Time and material). This is going to be good !
As usual, don't forget to have a look at Chess Trainer if you found it interesting.

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