vendredi 30 mai 2014

mardi 20 mai 2014

My Picking of Chess Puzzles

Spring is coming,  ans you're feeling motivated again to improve your chess. Why not look at these 5 positions taken from Chess Trainer and try to find the right move ?
I will give the solutions in the next post.

First, you have to find how to save the draw here:


samedi 10 mai 2014

"Typical mistakes" by IM Valeri Lilov

Which move did David Bronstein miss ?

The answer and much more can be found in "Typical mistake" by IM Valeri Lilov, available from today only on Chess Trainer (awarded best app of the year by the Chess Club Live Facebook group).

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vendredi 2 mai 2014

Can you find the move missed by Bronstein ?

Black to play. In the following position, David Bronstein missed a decisive move:

The position appeared in his game against Vladimir Savon. Can you find what this move was ?
If you think so, suscribe to the Chess Trainer mailing list to get the full analysis of this position here: