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How to checkmate with 2 rooks ?

Do you know how to checkmate with a Queen ?

If yes, you are ready for our next lesson, how to checkmate with 2 Rooks against a sole King. This checkmate is not that difficult to realize. Actually, once you understand the method, it is impossible to go wrong.
Let's first understand what the general strategy of this checkmate is: the idea is to make little jumps with your rooks to drive to opposing King to the edge of the board.
As opposed to the checkmate with a Queen, stalemate almost never occurs here, which is very good news for you !

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Now have a look to the next position: this is what you want to achieve:

And this is the method to get to this position:

Now let's start with a random position, and see how we can progress:

1. Rb2
We will stick to a very simple method:  put our Rooks on the left side of the board and move them up little by little
1... Ke4
2. Rb8
2... Kd3
Black moves towards the center and tries to block the White King.
3. Rb3+
Now the Rooks are well in place and can start pushing the black King to the edge of the chessboard.
3... Kc4
Attacking the Rook. See the following diagram, White must be careful

4. Rh3
It is time to change the plan ! The rook is perfectly placed on the h-file, as far away from the black King as possible.
4... Kd4
5. Ra4+
Now that the Rooks are safe, they can start pushing the black King to the side.
5... Kc5
6. Rh5+
6... Kb6
Let's have a look to the following diagram:

1. Rg4
The Rook goes to the other side of the board
1... Kc6
There is nothing black can do now...
2. Rg6+
2... Kd7
3. Rh7+
3... Ke8
4. Rg8 Checkmate

To checkmate your opponent with 2 Rooks, always stick to the following principles:
  • Move your Rooks rank by rank or file by file to trap the King
  • If the King threatens to capture a Rook, move it to the other wing and continue
  • Continue until checkmate
I hope you enjoyed this lesson. Let's continue talking about this in the comments

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