jeudi 13 février 2014

Removing the defender

Today's post is about one of the most basic, yet efficient tactics.
By the way, have you already checked the last post about the zwischenzug ?

The idea of removing the defender is simple: an important piece or square is defended by a piece: the defender.
Removing the defender gives you the ability to capture the important piece or occupy the important square.
This post is inspired from the corresponding Chess Trainer lesson.

Let's start with this example:

1. Rxf6
This Rook exchange eliminates the defender of the b6-Knight
1... gxf6
2. Rxb6
Now that Rooks have been exchanged, the Knight can be captured. As simple as that :)

Check your understanding of that concept in the next puzzle:


1. Rxg5+
Did you notice that the f4-Rook was protected only by the g5-pawn ?
1... Ka6
If there was no check, Black could have captured the Rook in f1, but unfortunately, check first.
2. Rxf4
Winning one full Rook

The last example looks more like a real game. Find the winning move:


1. Qxg8+
Similar to the first example: the reason why this queen exchange is winning is that it removes the c4 Knight's protection
1... Kxg8
2. Nxc4
Capturing the Knight and winning the game of course.

For more examples on removing the defender, I suggest you to have a look at this nice post from the Tactics Time blog which contains a couple of additional examples.

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